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squib / петарда, пиропатрон, шутиха
имя существительное
petard, squib, spitdevil, detonator
cracker, pinwheel, squib, fizgig, spitdevil, flip-flap
взрывать петарды
взрывать шутихи
explode, blow up, burst, detonate, implode, squib
имя существительное
a small firework that burns with a hissing sound before exploding.
I have these little squibs that explode to make it look like bullets are hitting.
a small, slight, or weak person, especially a child.
I was only a little squib - he definitely seemed to be older than his age.
a short kick on a kickoff.
No time to talk, he insists; got to splice together a two-minute tape on kick-offs - on-sides, squibs , deep kicks.
kick (the ball) a comparatively short distance on a kickoff; execute (a kick) in this way.
On kick-offs, they're squibbing the ball or kicking it short.
utter, write, or publish a satirical or sarcastic attack.
Horace Walpole had written a squib against him, which Rousseau attributed to Hume.
Today's editorial page had a little squib : ‘National Turn-off-the-Television week comes around every year.’
There must be movies based on a single sentence - perhaps a squib of a newspaper story or a line of scripture or one famous quote.
In the early days of baseball, it was legitimate to hit a squib that hit fair at first, and then rolled foul.
After that little squib in today's Wall Street Journal, I thought it was time to let you know about the new book.
Now for a quick fix in keeping with the company's rig-it-and-roll mentality: we look for ‘CueCat2’ to come stuffed with a tiny squib , detonated by opening the plastic housing.
Do you think a decent newspaper might want to fill out the record, to qualify Armstrong's views with a post-publication squib that she has a barrow to push - a paid barrow?
I would surmise that the offending editor thought that the point of the squib was merely Churchill's strong castigation of the ‘tedious nonsense’ in ministerial minutes.
it is a sport now to taunt and squib and deride at other men's virtues
"I was told to kick a hard squib , shade left," Bryant said.