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squelch / шумоподавление, хлюпанье, отпор
имя существительное
rebuff, repulse, check, setdown, squelch
mud, dirt, sludge, filth, grime, squelch
сокрушительный удар
smashing blow, smash, sledgehammer blow, smasher, hammerblow, squelch
suppress, repress, inhibit, put down, overwhelm, squelch
squish, squelch, slosh, slop
trample, squelch, grind out
destroy, kill, consume, demolish, annihilate, squelch
заставить замолчать
silence, shut up, squelch, gag, compel silence, reduce to silence
имя существительное
a soft sucking sound made when pressure is applied to liquid or mud.
the squelch of their feet
a circuit that suppresses the output of a radio receiver if the signal strength falls below a certain level.
Receivers use squelch detect circuits to recognize this condition, or the absence of this condition.
make a soft sucking sound such as that made by walking heavily through mud.
bedraggled guests squelched across the lawn to seek shelter
They'll have fun as they mould, poke, squelch , knead, model and make.
the squelch of their feet
The thud of the wound, the squelch of the intrusion of iron into flesh was punctuated with the gasp of the Vikings.
I have tested these radios and they break the preset squelch at a distance of about 2 miles, broadcasting an estimated 500 mw at roughly 440 MHz.
As a writer, perhaps equally so: Nigella routinely rejects words like braise and simmer in favor of much juicier language: blitz and squelch and my personal favorite, splodge.
I felt a squelch of nerves before the read-through and wondered if everything I'd written was a bit rubbish but, as it turned out, it's not.
To oppose them would limit or squelch the possibilities they represent.
The monsoon freshness in the middle of summer, the squelch of rain on grass blades whispering, blue sky shimmering through the foliage, the autumn sun beating down on the grass, the cleansing cool breeze of an unspoilt forest.
For a moment she's blindly confused as to who to hit, then she lashes out with the heel of her foot, and there's a sickening squelch from the NCB coal sack between them.
Receivers use squelch detect circuits to recognize this condition, or the absence of this condition.