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squeal / визг, пронзительный крик, доносчик
имя существительное
squeal, screech, shriek, scream, yelp, yelping
пронзительный крик
shriek, scream, squawk, yell, squeal, squall
informer, snitch, informant, squeal, sneak, delator
squeal, shrill, screech, yelp, shriek, squall
squeal, chirp
complain, lament, beef, grumble, moan, squeal
имя существительное
a long, high-pitched cry or noise.
we heard a splash and a squeal
make a long, high-pitched cry or noise.
the girls squealed with delight
inform on someone to the police or a person in authority.
she feared they would victimize her for squealing on their pals
Funniest of all, though, is the opening squeal of computer noise nonsense that momentarily almost passes for a new Radiohead composition in itself.
They are rude and they squeal things, especially when Hay is speaking.
I hit the brake, and it only resulted in a shrieking squeal of rubber on the gravel of the road.
The headlights of a bus flash across the front of the shelter, and, with a squeal of brakes, it pulls in.
we heard a splash and a squeal
Her voice was no more than a high-pitched squeal .
I squeal a mousy protest as you sit between two strands of chain-links.
We used the double-pulsed ESPI technique to investigate a brake that had a noise squeal at 5.92 kHz.
Only this night, in a squeal of brakes, a blare of horn and a terrible flash of light, young Fraggle, attempting to surf between one station and the next, slips between the train's wheels.
‘We're really sorry,’ they squeal in unison from their police interrogation rooms.