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squeaky / скрипучий, пискливый
имя прилагательное
creaking, squeaky, creaky, strident, grating, scratchy
squeaky, piping
имя прилагательное
having or making a high-pitched sound or cry.
a high, squeaky voice
Well, you know, there's a saying that says it's the squeaky wheel that usually gets the grease.
She then turned her attention to the midget, who was making squeaky sounds of displeasure.
The park is now filled with plants, colourful murals, and two squeaky swings fastened with yellow cord.
The oul lad simmered away, rocking ominously in and out of a beam of dust infused sunlight on his squeaky rocking chair.
Under the best of circumstances his raspy, squeaky voice grated her nerves raw.
Here is a hotel old enough to have a history, not just ersatz nostalgia, and the squeaky floorboards to tell it.
They moved in to kiss, but were stopped by the sound of the squeaky stairs.
Suddenly, a bike bell is heard, followed by the sound of a squeaky bike wheel.
As my voice turned squeaky , it sounded as though I was asking him a question, not greeting him.
Blackboard rubbers have long since been consigned to the scrap heap, and when squeaky pens and stinky cloths follow, what then?