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squawk / пронзительный крик, резкий крик, громкая жалоба
имя существительное
пронзительный крик
shriek, scream, squawk, yell, squeal, squall
резкий крик
громкая жалоба
громко протестовать
пронзительно кричать
scream, squawk, shriek, shrill, squeal, squall
громко жаловаться
squawk, sound off
имя существительное
a loud, harsh or discordant noise made by a bird or a person.
They could now hear the ocean crashing outside the walls, and sea bird's loud squawks barely audible past the thickness of water and rock.
(of a bird) make a loud, harsh noise.
the geese flew upriver, squawking
Weekly physical therapy with Heidi is going really well, meaning that you squawk less and less each week we put you through your exercises.
I'm greeted by a loud, pulsating squawk , which makes me fear the operator has connected me to a tropical bird in its death throes. ‘Eeeek, eeeek, eeeek,’ it cries, before revealing it is Alvin himself.
If that stamp isn't on offer, they demand it in an increasingly loud and annoying squawk .
She sat on the bed and watched Cassandra dance around the room, making some strange sound that was between a squawk and a bray of some sort.
with a startled squawk the rook flew off
Her voice seemed loud and ugly in the room's mellow neon glow, like a crow's harsh squawk , and something somewhere winced in disgust.
Ace caught the tension in the room, and gave a loud squawk .
The birds occasionally squawk , but they do not move from their branches because they no longer can fly.
Well, by now we've found out the self-styled eagle could squawk better than he could fly.
Maybe someone should squawk about the availability of ethanol fuel.