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squatter / поселенец, овцевод, сидящий на корточках
имя существительное
settler, homesteader, squatter, colonist, colonizer
sheepman, sheep breeder, squatter
сидящий на корточках
шлепать по воде
slosh, squatter, paddle
имя существительное
a person who unlawfully occupies an uninhabited building or unused land.
Many Roma in Western Europe are squatters , occupying condemned buildings while trying to find more suitable accommodations.
имя прилагательное
short and thickset; disproportionately broad or wide.
he was muscular and squat
one of the wealthiest and most prominent squatter families of northern Victoria
a squatter camp
After being empty for years, the boarded-up building is now home to a trio of squatters , who have dubbed themselves ‘land pirates’.
The plan aims to clear squatters from government-owned land to make way for infrastructure and commercial development.
He added that weak law enforcement had resulted in the occupation of riverbanks and other forbidden areas in the city by illegal squatters , and the unlawful development of buildings by developers.
But so far only around 200 farms have been taken over and the government has evicted squatters who took over land themselves after the launch of its resettlement scheme in July.
There are many such other cases, including Kitwe, where squatters have occupied land illegally at the former council farm and are resisting moving despite a court ruling that they vacate the land.
The squatters settled in the flat part of the ravine, on top of the cemetery, but did not build a good city in terms of urban development.
The Johannesburg council, however, plans to evict the squatters so that the building can be revamped as part of its inner city regeneration programme.
The minister said the man acted contrary to the law and advised all land owners to follow laid down procedure when evicting squatters .