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squashy / мягкий, топкий, болотистый
имя прилагательное
soft, mild, gentle, benign, bland, squashy
marshy, muddy, squashy, squishy, splashy, sloughy
marshy, swampy, squishy, boggy, swamp, squashy
имя прилагательное
easily crushed or squeezed into a different shape; having a soft consistency.
a big, squashy leather chair
The fruit is ripe when it is faintly but perceptibly squashy , especially at the stem end.
On Christmas morning, there it was: a large and squashy parcel.
He laughs, leans back in the squashy sofa in his Whitehall office, overlooking the Cenotaph war memorial, and refuses to confirm or deny the story.
Dried fruit is a good addition and the sour, squashy dried cranberries available in little packets are particularly well-suited to this job.
Once settled, she draws up her feet and sits cross-legged on the squashy chair.
They become deliciously sweet and squashy and make a perfect filling for a pie.
I smiled and made myself comfortable in my usual corner in a big, squashy , overstuffed chair.
I sat down in the living room on the big, squashy leather couch our landlady provided.
There are rainproof bags for stormy days, sturdy totes for the beach, delicate fabrics for evening, and squashy shoulder bags for casual wear.
Comfort is the key word in this calm and relaxed bar - from lounge-type music to nice squashy seating - and a fine drinks menu will start to lubricate the proceedings nicely.