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squarely / прямо
directly, without deviating to one side.
Ashley looked at him squarely
Mrs Bladen laid the blame squarely at the door of the SYAS managers.
Placing the emphasis squarely on excellence and achievement is in the best traditions of Scottish education.
Walker blames the shortfall squarely on the failure of ministers to ensure that the new policies were properly costed.
The blame for this year's debacle lies squarely with the organisers.
The third hit the Prime Minister squarely between the shoulder blades.
He believed Mrs Letch probably tried to correct the skid but in doing so steered squarely into the path of the oncoming car.
Malachi winced as the blow landed squarely across one of the bruises he had received from his beating the previous day.
And stop him, she did, as she slapped him squarely across the face.
I lay the blame for my initial hatred of Christmas squarely at the feet of my father.
It hit Susanna squarely , and the force behind it sent her sprawling backwards.