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squadron / эскадра, эскадрилья, эскадрон
имя существительное
squadron, fleet, navy
squadron, escadrille, wing
squadron, troop
имя прилагательное
divisional, squadron
сводить в эскадроны
имя существительное
an operational unit in an air force consisting of two or more flights of aircraft and the personnel required to fly them.
Indeed, the Polish airmen who managed to reach the UK formed a fully-fledged Polish air force with 14 squadrons and support services, and this by 1941.
They are met at the courthouse door by a squadron of court officers who proceed to subject them to a humiliating search.
he immediately commissioned a squadron of architects
he immediately commissioned a squadron of architects
The award is presented annually to the Royal Navy ship, squadron or Royal Marines unit that is judged to have done most to project a positive image of the Senior Service.
It is understood the restructuring will see the creation of nine infantry battalions, one artillery battalion and one cavalry squadron .
The event was also a farewell for the Leopard tanks of the reserve squadron of 1 Armd Regt.
Charles Turner was serving with the Royal Air Force when his squadron got their flying orders for D-Day.
One of their drones shadowing the withdrawing enemy fleet has detected a squadron of enemy warships detaching from the main body.
Bradford Council insisted its squadron of gritters was working overtime, but thousands of frustrated motorists faced huge delays on normally-short journeys.
The force now included around a battalion of infantry as well as a squadron of military engineers.