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squad / отряд, команда, отделение
имя существительное
detachment, squad, party, troop, band, order
command, team, instruction, crew, squad, brigade
separation, department, branch, compartment, secession, squad
сводить в команды
сводить в группы
сводить в отделения
имя существительное
a small group of people having a particular task.
an assassination squad
These meals are made possible by the generosity of a squad of volunteer cooks.
But we already have a national criminal intelligence service and a national crime squad .
They are spending an estimated £ 2,700 a day on a squad of translators because so many construction workers do not speak English.
eleven first-string players on the Nebraska squad
the narcotics crime squad
McGeechan will name his World Cup squad on Tuesday and no-one can envy his task over the next two days.
With so many new players in the squad Reynolds sees this short tour as essential in the build up to the coming season.
Alison had even joined the cheerleading squad to get him to notice her.
We have a lot of young players in the squad who will be better by the time the European Championships come round.
Seven Manchester United players have been called into the England squad for the friendly against Holland.