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spurn / оттолкнуть, отталкивать, отвергать с презрением
spurn, jostle away, jostle from
repel, push away, repulse, push off, spurn, jostle
отвергать с презрением
имя существительное
презрительный отказ
пинок ногой
boot, spurn
презрительное отклонение
reject with disdain or contempt.
he spoke gruffly, as if afraid that his invitation would be spurned
имя существительное
an act of spurning.
with one touch of my feet, I spurn the solid Earth
with one touch of my feet, I spurn the solid Earth
it is a spurn of God's sovereignty, and a slight of his goodness
Relations with her father - already verging on the poisonous - worsened further when, spurning his suggestion of a career in netball, she decided to study at the Drama Centre in north London.
Arun is a sensitive young man from the capital who spurns a comfortable inheritance and takes a job teaching in a rural elementary school, in the very heartland of the insurgency.
He has heightened his isolation by spurning diplomatic initiatives from African neighbours and launching a crackdown on local media.
She threw the money down upon the ground, and spurned it with her foot.
He spurns her advances and tragedy ensues.
She has spurned potential lovers and judged those close to her harshly.
Milan's models strutted through the first day of fashion week on Sunday but the twice-yearly festival got off to a muted start with the influential faces of fashion spurning the opening.