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spurious / ложный, поддельный, подложный
имя прилагательное
false, spurious, mock, dummy, pseudo, erroneous
counterfeit, forged, spurious, bogus, faked, sham
spurious, counterfeit, supposititious, queer
illegitimate, bastard, natural, baseborn, unfathered, spurious
имя прилагательное
not being what it purports to be; false or fake.
separating authentic and spurious claims
Unfortunately, some creationists have also fallen for this spurious line of reasoning.
Where is the evidence on which the writer bases such spurious claims?
This country does have certain quirky export bans, for very spurious reasons, and we would be aghast if the intention is to use this legislation to extend those sorts of controls.
That amendment would penalise drug companies if they lodged spurious patent claims designed to prevent cheap generic drugs entering the market.
It is even conducting a survey, for the most spurious of reasons, of voluntary health organisations, asking them about their links to pharmaceutical companies.
It is very easy, I think, for the Government to bring up some basically extremely spurious reasons why this moratorium should be continued, but there is no logic to it.
For a variety of spurious reasons, our network is being changed.
Oliver's letter made a number of spurious allegations.
All claims to objectivity become spurious and illusory.
Such blunt legislation will provide people and organisations with the means to bring spurious lawsuits against those they have a reason to dislike.