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spur / шпора, стимул, побуждение
имя существительное
spur, heel, grouser
stimulus, incentive, impetus, inducement, stimulant, spur
motivation, impulse, prompting, urge, motive, spur
urge, incite, motivate, induce, impel, spur
spur, prick, put spurs to, set spurs to, prick on, prick forward
instigate, incite, encourage, abet, goad, spur
имя существительное
a device with a small spike or a spiked wheel that is worn on a rider's heel and used for urging a horse forward.
Jacobs said he used the spurs to control the horse and that any force he used was to control the horse and keep himself out of danger.
a thing that prompts or encourages someone; an incentive.
profit was both the spur and the reward of enterprise
a thing that projects or branches off from a main body, in particular.
The gallery formed a spur jutting off the main building and was entered at its eastern end through the door that had not been walled up after Elizabeth's visit.
urge (a horse) forward by digging one's spurs into its sides.
she spurred her horse toward the hedge
Officials hope it will spur the development of the corporate bond market in Hong Kong, boosting the city's role as a regional financial centre.
A rise in gas prices will spur development of alternative energy sources.
Their continuing presence is a spur to violence.
The hilltop spur has stunning views across the Severn valley.
For those not yet at the repayment date this could be a spur to reconsider their mortgages.
Perhaps genius - even the illusion of genius - is a spur that throws us forward.
During visits to flowers in which the corolla spur was removed, males directed their glossa to the tips of the connective appendages, making it clear that their search was for nectar.
‘I hope this report is not put back on a shelf but acts as a spur to provide treatment facilities and resources to tackle the issue,’ he said.
Robert Koch was getting a great deal of attention throughout Europe for his discoveries and the French versus German rivalry that occurred provided a great spur to medical advances.
wars act as a spur to practical invention