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spud / окучивать, рыхлить почву, окапывать
spud, hill, earth, hill up
рыхлить почву
ditch, entrench, spud, tump
имя существительное
potato, spud, pratie
hoe, hack, mattock, spud, hackney, picker
прижимная планка
spud, strap, temple
имя существительное
a potato.
Start by making the mashed potatoes: peel the spuds and cover them with cold water.
a small, narrow spade for cutting the roots of plants, especially weeds.
a short length of pipe that is used to connect two components or that takes the form of a projection from a fitting to which a pipe may be screwed.
a spud washer
a chisel-like tool, as for removing bark or digging into ice.
dig up or cut (plants, especially weeds) with a spud.
make the initial drilling for (an oil well).
The well will be spudded in late July and is expected to take just over two months to complete.
a spud washer
Talisman had identified July 1 as the date it wants to spud its first well in the Eastern Block, in southeast Trinidad, but was unsure if it could meet the date because it had not been granted environmental clearance.
Turn the tank over and attach the spud washer over the tailpiece of pipe.
The humble spud is high in vitamin C and potassium, and is a good source of fiber.
Take the spud washer off the pipe that sticks out of the bottom of the tank.
a spud washer
In 1905 the Moturoa Petroleum Co's birthday well (apparently named such because it was ‘ spudded ’ on the manager's birthday) blew out impressive amounts of oil and gas.
If you don't get down to the market before 4.30 pm, you'll have missed your last chance to enjoy their spectacular spuds , caulis, carrots and broccoli, all grown on the family firm's own acres in Wigginton.
A second appraisal well in the Hovea oil field is expected to be spudded later this month.
An appeal was made to every man who had a farm, garden or allotment to plant more spuds to make up the shortfall and help the county support itself.