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sprue / спру, вертикальный литник, тропические афты
имя существительное
вертикальный литник
тропические афты
имя существительное
a channel through which metal or plastic is poured into a mold.
Medical device molding applications and other processes that involve small sprues and runners are among the target markets for the machine.
disease of the small intestine causing malabsorption of food, in particular.
Only one similar sprue has been found before in Britain, at Duston, Northamptonshire, alongside early 4th century coin moulds and discarded spoil castings.
Extensive elimination diets such as those for celiac sprue should be supervised by a gastroenterologist.
The Sesame is designed so that molders can use a smaller runner and sprue , which gives them more control over the amount of plastic and pressure used to form the part itself.
A rough or torn looking sprue cut on the base says you're not waiting long enough before striking off the sprue .
Analysis of the sprue showed that it was made of exactly the same metal as the coins.
Other conditions to consider include celiac sprue and lactose or fructose intolerance.
But, for people with gluten intolerance, or celiac sprue , the body perceives gluten as a foreign substance and responds with a full-blown immune response.
For someone suffering from celiac disease, also called celiac sprue or celiac enteropathy, all forms of gluten are toxic to the digestive system.
Emaciated patients suffering from chronic sprue can also take buttermilk preferably before noon.
Also, when trimming the plates from the sprues , make sure you trim the flash from the bottom of the recessed tab to let the courses sit level.