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spruce / ель, хвойное дерево
имя существительное
spruce, fir, fir-tree
хвойное дерево
conifer, spruce
имя прилагательное
dapper, smart, spruce, trig, toffish
elegant, stylish, smart, chic, nice, spruce
smart, chic, fine, gay, spruce, dinky
приводить в порядок
put in order, settle, tidy, adjust, set in order, spruce
dress up, dress, prank, spruce up, titivate, spruce
smarten, spruce
имя прилагательное
neat in dress and appearance.
he looked as spruce as if he were getting married
имя существительное
a widespread coniferous tree that has a distinctive conical shape and hanging cones, widely grown for timber, pulp, and Christmas trees.
The best trees to plant with wildlife in mind are cherry and mulberry for their fruits, pines and spruces for their seed-bearing cones and deciduous trees that vary in size and density.
make a person or place smarter or tidier.
the fund will be used to spruce up historic buildings
A new plan has been put together to clean up road and railway bridges and shopping centres as part of the council's Street Force initiative to spruce up the city.
I've had a haircut to spruce myself up before my sis shows up tomorrow.
Just further down the lane were three tiny cottages which always looked spruce in this quiet backwater and their small gardens were bright with flowers.
Spring is here too, traditionally the time when house owners look to spruce up their homes as the days lengthen and the light improves.
The actor looks much too spruce for someone who is living rough.
The place has also recently been restored and so is looking quite spruce .
The 72-year-old's mission to spruce up Warrington Cemetery, where 50,000 people are buried, has been given a £3,000 award from Help the Aged.
Although most species of spruce prefer moist, well drained soils with moderate to good fertility, they will grow on rather sandy soils if there is a favorable water table throughout the growing season.
There is no dress code, but as always we spruce ourselves up for the occasion in our best suits.
The money will be used to spruce up the towns, create jobs and improve transport, as well as providing similar help to surrounding villages.