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sprout / росток, побег, отросток
имя существительное
sprout, shoot, sprig, spire, chit, bourgeon
escape, shoot, runaway, flight, sprout, getaway
process, outgrowth, sprout, spur, rame, slip
germinate, sprout, spring, spire, grow out, pullulate
пускать ростки
sprout, bud, shoot, chit
grow, increase, go up, mount, sprout, grow in stature
имя существительное
a shoot of a plant.
When buying garlic, look for firm heads with papery skins, and avoid any with green sprouts .
(of a plant) put forth shoots.
the weeds begin to sprout
Some species will sprout right away; others could take a year or more to grow.
Meanwhile, bulbs and seeds sprout , trees bud, and insects emerge and start consuming the tender foliage.
Keep in mind that shaving or otherwise removing a hair from a mole is considered safe, but keep track of which ones sprout hair and which ones don't.
the weeds begin to sprout
Chitting describes the process whereby seeds are placed between layers of damp kitchen towel and allowed to sprout prior to planting.
The leafy stems sprout from the underground tuberous roots in early spring.
The barley was first allowed to germinate, or sprout rootlets, in a moist environment.
the weeds begin to sprout
The point is to wait until the soil is so chilled that seed cannot sprout , but stays dormant until warming soil and moisture trigger germination in spring.
Mutoko is the starkest example of an African media revolution which has seen a growing number of independent radio stations sprout up across the continent.