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sprinkling / дождевание, обрызгивание, небольшое количество
имя существительное
sprinkling, overhead irrigation
sprinkling, sprinkle, spritz
небольшое количество
little, bit, dollop, sprinkling, mouthful, wee
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
a small thinly distributed amount of something.
a sprinkling of gray in his hair
scatter or pour small drops or particles of a substance over (an object or surface).
I sprinkled the floor with water
rain very lightly.
it began to sprinkle
Season to taste with black pepper and serve with a sprinkling of freshly grated Parmesan.
After about 20 minutes, remove the lid and continue to fry for another 5 minutes, adding a sprinkling of sugar to assist the browning and accentuate the natural sweetness of the onions.
A healthy dose of escapism is what we have here, balanced with a sprinkling of scientific facts.
The small ceremony attended by family and a sprinkling of friends was followed by a dinner reception and after-party in the wine cellar and penthouse, respectively, of Hotel Icon.
A sprinkling of international football stars boosted the celebrity of the gathering alongside politicians, media folk and, of course, men and women of letters from clinical and academic medicine.
Her porcelain complexion had just a sprinkling of light freckles, right across the bridge.
a sprinkling of gray in his hair
For our tour of America we basically had a reserve team with a sprinkling of first-teamers and because of players being missing our results suffered.
Normally one would expect a journalist to display a certain amount of tact and diplomacy, touched with a sprinkling of humour and objectivity.
Among the family and friends were a sprinkling of political figures.