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sprinkler / спринклер, разбрызгиватель, дождевальная установка
имя существительное
sprinkler, sprayer, sparger, rose
дождевальная установка
sprinkler, sprinkling machine
имя существительное
a device that sprays water.
There was a water sprinkler to wash down the streets after the market.
I remember sitting on the patio, with the French windows open and a sprinkler going on the lawn, and eating the Cornettos and feeling like this was the most amazing, decadent thing ever.
There was a water sprinkler to wash down the streets after the market.
If sprinklers are spraying more water on paving or other unintended areas than on lawns, adjust them.
The fire alarm deploys a curtain covering the paintings, and then activates the sprinklers .
Law said some 70 building owners already contacted by the ministry have agreed to install sprinklers .
Gardeners, for example, have been encouraged to limit the use of fertilizers and pesticides and will be asked to show restraint with the lawn sprinklers .
Hand-watering with a hose can eat up a lot of your time and can waste a lot of water, as can sprinklers .
The main method of irrigation for peanuts is overhead sprinklers .
A senior fire officer in charge of the incident had ordered sprinklers at the premises to be turned off.
The kids from next door play ball in the street or ride on their skates and bikes, today they are playing under the sprinklers on their lawn.