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springy / упругий, пружинистый, эластичный
имя прилагательное
elastic, resilient, springy, bouncy, spring, taut
springy, yielding
elastic, resilient, stretchy, ductile, rubbery, springy
имя прилагательное
springing back quickly when squeezed or stretched; elastic.
the springy turf
A virtuoso soubrette dancer noted for her light, springy jumps, strong feet, and sunny disposition, she was a favourite of Ashton's.
Its light caramel flavor complemented the robust molasses, and its sandy texture gave the cake a springy touch.
Fresh fish should have firm, springy flesh, a clear color, a moist look, and a clean smell.
Volunteers helped to spread the chippings so they formed a more springy surface for the horses to walk on.
He appeared to weigh somewhere between one-ten and one-thirty, with muscular limbs and a light, springy step.
The footsteps are light and springy , but slightly heavy, as if the owner carries a burden.
This is perfect walking country: hillsides carpeted with yellow gorse, crunchy patches of bracken scattered here and there, springy soil underfoot.
I quickly found myself next to her on the springy mattress.
In the USA, rubber from old tyres has been turned into a springy surfacing for basketball courts.
Deer cropped the springy turf beside us, so close we could hear every snuffle and chomp.