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springboard / трамплин, плацдарм
имя существительное
bridgehead, springboard, foothold, jumping-off ground, jumping-off place
имя существительное
a strong, flexible board from which someone can jump in order to gain added impetus when performing a dive or a gymnastic movement.
Last night I was watching some rather odd ‘synchronised diving’, where two blokes jumped off a springboard at the same time and then were marked by a panel of judges.
Without a warm up, or even adjusting the setting of the springboard , she ran down the runway and performed a Tsukhara, a vault that few women were capable of at the time.
The second section of the book is a variation of the first, but instead of using literature as a springboard for his discussion, Ellison uses jazz.
On her second vault, her right foot missed the springboard and she crashed into and over the vault.
From the moment of his arrival in England, George of Denmark showed no sign of any inclination to use his social position as a springboard for a political career.
The following quotes and excerpts ought to provide you with a good springboard for further research into the topic.
He skillfully uses the books under review as a springboard for reassessing a variety of intellectuals, Victorian and modern.
In the past, the National junior team has been a springboard to superstardom.
I hope the book gives some people insight into the lives of the less fortunate, and that the insight will be a springboard to action.
an economic plan that may be the springboard for recovery
Barnes uses this as the springboard for a wider discussion about the ethics of drug-taking in sport.