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sprightly / живой, веселый, оживленный
имя прилагательное
live, living, alive, lively, animate, sprightly
cheerful, merry, gay, glad, happy, sprightly
lively, busy, animated, brisk, vivacious, sprightly
joyfully, cheerfully, lively, merrily, gaily, sprightly
lively, animatedly, vivaciously, merrily, sprightly, jazzily
имя прилагательное
(especially of an old person) lively; full of energy.
she was quite sprightly for her age
A sprightly woman wrings her hands as if flirtatiously sizing up a fellow resident at the nursing home.
‘We say that the day you don't think about falling, you will fall,’ says Corinne Pierre, a sprightly French-Canadian acrobat.
He looked as lively and sprightly as ever despite now being in his mid forties.
He is at ease with his age - a sprightly 64.
His lover, Mercedes, is a sprightly dancer who would have benefited from a brighter costume.
There was an amusing final theatrical flourish from the Conservative candidate, John Taylor, a sprightly 63-year-old.
When Lucy, a sprightly waitress with a song on her lips and in her heart, meets Adam, she gives up her ‘man-izing’ ways and wants to settle down.
Felicity, ‘a spunky, spritely girl growing up in Virginia in 1774,’ visits a local plantation where there are clearly slaves; the issue never arises.
She was an engaging little creature, full of sprightliness and life.
The spritely 27-year-old was swept in as a last-minute understudy for the part when Clairemarie Osta came down with double tendinitis.