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sprig / веточка, побег, штифт
имя существительное
sprig, twig, stick, ramule, palm
escape, shoot, runaway, flight, sprout, sprig
pin, stud, finger, sprig, tag, pintle
давать побеги
spring, put out, sprig
забивать гвозди
nail, spike, sprig
закреплять штифтом
имя существительное
a small stem bearing leaves or flowers, taken from a bush or plant.
a sprig of holly
decorate (pottery) with small, separately molded designs.
You notice that there wasn't a sprig of parsley or even a strawberry on the plate.
a sprig of holly
a sprig of the French nobility
With not a sprig of holly in sight, it is the perfect anti-pantomime for the festive season.
To remove a leaf from its sprig , Patten grasped it gently by the stalk and pulled it back towards the branch of the limb to prevent tree damage.
a sprig of holly
The knight wore no armor, but carried a sprig of holly in one hand, and an enormous axe in the other.
This great match of flavours was served with a little sprig of fresh fennel, which led the charge of the other flavours through the creamy goats cheese.
At the shire-hall new-year celebrations, 15-year-old Ruth Hilton catches the eye of a 23-year-old sprig of the gentry.
a sprig of the French nobility