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spreadsheet / таблица
имя существительное
table, spreadsheet, chart, sheet, map, array
имя существительное
an electronic document in which data is arranged in the rows and columns of a grid and can be manipulated and used in calculations.
we have a color-coded Excel spreadsheet of all of our trip expenses
use or create a spreadsheet.
I find my Pocket PC too small for browsing, or practical spreadsheeting compared to the Newton.
we have a colour-coded Excel spreadsheet of all of our trip expenses
A simple spreadsheet can help track results so you can accurately calculate your return on investment, which should be significant if you did your homework and found the right list.
Before you start, determine exactly how much RAM you have to work with, and then create a spreadsheet to calculate the expected sizes of your files.
This integrated computer-based spreadsheet provides information regarding the point at which the net revenue provides an advantage to a given breeding system.
When the spreadsheets have been constructed, the author begins making the ‘movie,’ or capturing the process of using the spreadsheet on a computer.
William spent most of the day updating the Risk Assessment spreadsheet
He's a sharp farmer with a computer and a spreadsheet , but he didn't know how much seed he had and what he was paying per acre.
I helped them track the sales of each segment using a simple spreadsheet , and it wasn't long before we began to see several different patterns emerge.
‘We did a spreadsheet and listed all the benefits and negatives of each candidate,’ Nelson says.
we have a color-coded Excel spreadsheet of all of our trip expenses