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sprawl / растягиваться, развалиться, разлечься
stretch, expand, sprawl, elongate, strain, overreach
fall apart, collapse, fall to pieces, sprawl, lounge, go to pieces
имя существительное
неуклюжая поза
неуклюжее движение
sit, lie, or fall with one's arms and legs spread out in an ungainly or awkward way.
the door shot open, sending him sprawling across the pavement
имя существительное
an ungainly or carelessly relaxed position in which one's arms and legs are spread out.
she fell into a sort of luxurious sprawl
Long treated as a back, it was full of coal stores and junk, and cluttered with a sprawl of buildings added piecemeal over the years.
Because most of the Intervale lies within the floodplain of the Winooski River, the land here is protected from the usual pressures of suburban sprawl .
This is not a radical idea, but only seems so in a country single-mindedly dedicated to replicating the economically convenient tropes of suburban sprawl .
the growth of urban sprawl
Yet it has familiar urban problems - overcrowding, pollution, rotting heritage, tottering transport, suburban sprawl .
Compacting urban functions makes the cities more vibrant and protects the outlying areas from sprawl .
Urban sprawl has been a fact of life for Southern California growers and their cooperatives since the 1950s.
The designer goods are in there, but they must be ferreted out of mass quantities stacked on undifferentiated shelves in an encompassing sprawl .
Many architecture critics go beyond opinion about the aesthetics of individual buildings, including reporting on sprawl and urban development.
she fell into a sort of luxurious sprawl