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sprain / растяжение связок, растяжение сустава, растяжение сухожилия
имя существительное
растяжение связок
растяжение сустава
растяжение сухожилия
растянуть связки
имя существительное
the result of a wrench or twist of the ligaments of a joint.
Fishburne, too, suffered his fair share of sprains and bruises, although he said that ‘it comes with the territory’ when dealing with the action genre.
wrench or twist the ligaments of (an ankle, wrist, or other joint) violently so as to cause pain and swelling but not dislocation.
he left in a wheelchair after spraining an ankle
Finally, wiping away the tears that had formed in the corners of my eyes as result of my laughter, I lifted one of my crutches in the air and said, ‘Just a sprain !’
She pretended to trip on a cobblestone and feigned a sprain .
He sprained his ankle after he saw you sprain your wrist.
he suffered a bad sprain
His ankle is a bit swollen, a minor sprain , but he should stay off it for about two to three weeks.
From the angle at which he held his wrist, he had sustained a mild sprain .
I was checking to make sure you didn't sprain your ankle or anything.
I had no idea that pretending to sprain your ankle would hurt so badly.
‘It's just a mild sprain ,’ informed the doctor, leaving the room so they could talk in private.
Acute injuries, such as a sudden sprain or muscle pull, seem to happen out of the blue.