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spousal / супружество, брак
имя существительное
matrimony, wedlock, conjugality, spousal
marriage, wedlock, matrimony, match, defect, spousal
имя прилагательное
marriage, marital, conjugal, nuptial, nubile, spousal
married, marital, conjugal, spousal, matrimonial, wedded
matrimonial, spousal
имя прилагательное
of or relating to marriage or to a husband or wife.
the spousal benefits of married couples
For example, spousal violence was only criminalized twenty years ago and lobby groups are pushing for similar moves to prevent a defence to smacking children.
Issues such as child support, spousal maintenance, and division of assets can be stressful and financially ruinous.
For post-1976 spousal joint tenancies treated as separate property, since only the decedent's 50 percent portion is includible in his gross estate, only a 50 percent step-up would be available.
It is likely, though statistics are hard to come by, that husband and wife remaining together in a very unhappy marriage resulted in high incidences of spousal abuse.
Normally, this would require the surviving spouse to file a spousal property petition.