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spotty / пятнистый, пестрый, прыщеватый
имя прилагательное
spotted, spotty, patchy, dappled, brindle, brindled
motley, variegated, mottled, pied, checkered, spotty
pimply, pimpled, spotty
имя прилагательное
marked with spots.
a spotty purple flower
Rather than being a consistent album loaded with confusing, awe-inspiring songs it's a spotty record with a few instances of glorious success, some interesting inconclusiveness and one or two failures.
The actual show was somewhat spotty
The museum's eclectic holdings, which date from the 12th century to the present, are rich with treasures but spotty on mid to late 20th-century art.
Daily newspapers and television programs have a far more spotty record.
As was the case on the Season One release, video quality on this disc is a little spotty .
Yet, in fact, the record of the incubators is spotty at best.
The on-and-off-again availability of Sills' recorded legacy is as mysterious as its quality is spotty .
While not the first time Mott's had marketed to Hispanics in Spanish-language TV and print, previous efforts proved spotty and inconsistent.
That record was spotty , but there were enough bright spots to suggest a second Logan / Kimbell album might be in order, all the kinks presumably having been worked out in their first effort together.
The transfer is good, although the quality is spotty given the low-budget stock used.