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spotlight / прожектор, центр внимания, прожектор для подсветки
имя существительное
searchlight, spotlight, floodlight, projector
центр внимания
center of attention, spotlight, limelight, center of attraction, hub, cynosure
прожектор для подсветки
spotlight, spot
подвижная фара
spotlight, spot
illuminate, light, light up, illumine, lighten, spotlight
освещать прожектором
spotlight, floodlight
помещать в центр внимания
имя существительное
a lamp projecting a narrow, intense beam of light directly onto a place or person, especially a performer on stage.
When the stage is dimmed, spotlights are used to create a tight arc of light in which Roberts and Corbert perform.
illuminate with a spotlight.
the dancers are spotlighted from time to time throughout the evening
Yet, while Cumming and Leigh don't hog the spotlight , in the end, their work is what we remember.
Underrated for most of his career, this role will allow him to take his turn in the spotlight .
she was constantly in the media spotlight
She would appear to be back in the glare of the Hollywood spotlight after years in the movie-making wilderness.
It's rare to see many people share the spotlight together.
For two evenings in December, Camelo was performed, with stage drapes and a spotlight , in the window of the New Museum before the holiday shoppers bustling up and down Broadway.
the knife flashed in the spotlight
There isn't any significant change from Season One; the cameras still follow the couple around as they balance their careers, families, and personal lives in the media spotlight .
Though she is speaking, Marlowe is in the spotlight .
Instead of stepping out of the spotlight , she offers herself up for intensive scrutiny, delving into her own foibles and failures with astonishing candour.