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sportswoman / спортсменка
имя существительное
имя существительное
a woman who takes part in sports, especially professionally.
Competition has been exceptionally high with the British adventurers competing against professional sportsmen and sportswomen from around the world.
I'm not much of a sportswoman , it is great that you have the chance to play whatever you like.
Childbirth usually meant the end of a sportswoman 's career, no matter what sport, in that era.
She sought sponsorship in order to further her aims as a sportswoman .
A sportswoman , Baker is somewhat of a celebrity.
In her younger days Margaret was a keen sportswoman and played Camogie with her beloved Kilcarry.
Just the tonic for a serious sportswoman like Marcella!
That Rowell is a remarkable sportswoman is undeniable.
She is also a keen sportswoman and plays soccer and Gaelic football.
Sportsmen and sportswomen , and clubs and associations, need to be mindful of this.
Dozens of talented sportswomen turned up for the annual Girls' Football Funday which featured a football tournament involving 24 teams.