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sporting / спортивный, охотничий
имя прилагательное
sports, athletic, sporting, sportive
hunting, sporting
имя существительное
game, play, act, performance, acting, sporting
hunting, hunt, chase, shoot, shooting, sporting
fun, amusement, game, play, sport, sporting
имя прилагательное
connected with or interested in sports.
a major sporting event
fair and generous in one's behavior or treatment of others, especially in a game or contest.
it was not very sporting of Smith to hit Gonzales with that pitch
wear or display (a distinctive or noticeable item).
he was sporting a huge handlebar mustache
amuse oneself or play in a lively, energetic way.
the children sported in the water
I view elections much like all-night sporting events, with the score changing every fifteen minutes or so.
At others, his approach to the show is so much like a series of set pieces it seems as if he is limbering up for the opening ceremony of some big but cash-strapped sporting event.
But this would be the first time for the toddling town to play patron to the biggest sporting event in television.
They treat the trial as if it were a sporting event and rate the attorneys for who provided the better performance.
Goal, the sporting term, has the widest possible application to characterize our wishes and attainments.
Encourage your customers to bring in additional items relating to the shadowbox such as a golf tee, score card, ticket to a sporting event, a baseball hat or an autographed photo with a sports celebrity.
Additional community facilities grouped within this setting include schools, the fire station, sporting centres and several churches.
He's a victim of his circumstance rather than himself, too set in his ways to appreciate academic rather than sporting achievement when it comes to his sons.
Much of the novel is devoted to dialogue between players during the games, and especially to their quarrels over the sporting history of which they are a part.
Accustomed to private clubs, upper-class friends, and sophisticated functions, the Professor naturally seeks the same elevated status in his sporting pursuits.