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spook / призрак, привидение, шпион
имя существительное
ghost, specter, phantom, apparition, wraith, spook
ghost, apparition, specter, spook, spirit, bogey
spy, spook, emissary, keeker, lurcher, spier
frighten, scare, panic, fright, intimidate, spook
irritate, unnerve, spook, fidget, harrow
appear, come, arise, report, occur, spook
имя существительное
a ghost.
Judge Steve Evans takes on these unspooky spooks and non-existent ghosts - and he doesn't mind one bit.
a spy.
a CIA spook
a contemptuous term for a black person.
frighten; unnerve.
they spooked a couple of grizzly bears
The results were good enough to spook the competition.
Lillard is psychic, which means he can find a spook if it gets out, except, when it comes to it, he can't.
he'll spook if we make any noise
Oh, yeah a stupid Xmas spook shows up to complete the episode's main purpose.
I wouldn't let them operate or give me a shot until a spook from our Embassy in Mexico City came down and stayed with me day and night in the bed next to me for four days.
They said that he only came out at night to eat cats and squirrels, and he was the local spook .
The Pentagon vigorously opposes that recommendation, but even a rookie spook can figure out that big changes are in the air.
Upon returning to the U.S., Williams hears from a friend, an ex-Pentagon spook named Ken Ritz.
a CIA spook
a CIA spook