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spokesperson / докладчик, оратор
имя существительное
reporter, spokesperson
speaker, orator, spokesman, spokesperson, mouthpiece, rhetor
имя существительное
a spokesman or spokeswoman (used as a neutral alternative).
Moss claims that ministers are spokespersons and representatives of the community, but she does not interrogate how this may affect women in the congregation.
No spokesperson would say when the orchestra would arrive, nor would they tell me anything about their schedule or even whether I'd be able to make contact with an orchestra member.
In an exercise to establish where the power in this conflict was imagined to be located, she had been singled out as the spokesperson .
But a tribute to this remarkable woman is long overdue, from me as a colleague and friend and as a spokesperson for the journal.
They had never had a spokesperson , a leader, like this.
this was denied by a spokesperson for the company
Jane is both an effectively realized individual and a representative figure, a spokesperson for the African American experience from slavery times to the era of the civil rights movement.
Of course, the implications of the advertisement are duplicitous and insulting both to the readers and to the portions of society that the spokesperson represents.
I don't like getting on a soapbox, I am not a spokesperson for any of this, I am just an actor - but it is kind of curious.
a spokesperson for the Scottish Office
Museum spokespersons claim that 90 of the strikers have crossed the picket line, and the galleries and other museum facilities are functioning as usual.