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spokesman / представитель, оратор, делегат
имя существительное
representative, spokesman, member, agent, delegate, deputy
speaker, orator, spokesman, spokesperson, mouthpiece, rhetor
delegate, representative, spokesman, deputy, legate
имя существительное
a person, especially a man, who makes statements on behalf of another individual or a group.
a spokesman for Greenpeace
He presented himself as an honest and virtuous man, a spokesman for the outsiders in society.
a spokesman for Greenpeace
Soon, he became the chief spokesman for the Palestinian cause in the United States.
I heard the spokesman say: ‘We have isolated pockets where we are encountering problems.’
He has gradually been emerging as a spokesman for peace, justice and sharing.
He needed to be not just a spokesman , but a symbol.
a spokesman for Greenpeace
He had been an influential spokesman of the left since the 1950s, but his reputation suffered greatly in the run-up to the winter of discontent.
The spokesman 's voice is distorted by the cheap amplification system.
this was denied by a spokesman for the company