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spoke / спица, ступенька, перекладина
имя существительное
spoke, needle, knitting needle, arm
step, stair, footstep, spoke, footboard, pace
crossbar, beam, horizontal bar, rail, slat, spoke
снабжать спицами
имя существительное
each of the bars or wire rods connecting the center of a wheel to its outer edge.
A large, open circle at the front connects with an outside wheel by means of spokes , some straight and some angled, which have been painted yellow, orange, green or black.
say something in order to convey information, an opinion, or a feeling.
in his agitation he was unable to speak
talk to in order to reprove or advise.
she tried to speak to Seth about his drinking
Immediately above it, a wheel with hub and seven spokes is set into clockwise motion by an arrow at its perimeter.
These ancient wheels all had ‘a peculiar design: a solid wooden circle constructed of three planks fastened together, rather than a rim with spokes .’
He pushed the legless ends together on the ground so as to form a virtual hub, from which the crossbars radiated up and outward like the spokes of a giant horizontal wheel.
It was in this act of destruction, where the spokes of the bicycle splintered off, that I came to know the material.
In Forever, Jia mounts a video camera on the spokes of a tricycle and pedals it through Beijing.
The umbrella, with its protective cloth stripped off and the spokes spread uselessly in the air, is thus a poignant and recurrent emblem of the dangers that lie in the rift between words and objects.
There is also a use of ‘artistic’ composition: a couple relaxing are framed behind the spokes of a bicycle wheel; as night descends, figures are framed in silhouette against the sky.
For this community, therapy is not a one-way street, but rather resembles the spokes of bicycle, with the human heart as the hub.
Partially held together with garter belts, Spider Lady contains an entire bicycle wheel, the spokes of which play off the crisscross skeins of nylon and string that keep the gothic piece in a kind of bondage.
The result is that each limb is motionless, while the spokes of the wheels of the vehicle whirl about so rapidly that they cannot be seen.