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spoiler / спойлер, прерыватель потока
имя существительное
прерыватель потока
имя существительное
a person or thing that spoils something.
But then again, if you've never seen the original film or read the book, spoilers are the least of your problems.
a flap on the wing of an aircraft or glider that can be projected in order to create drag and so reduce speed.
an electronic device for preventing unauthorized copying of sound recordings by means of a disruptive signal inaudible on the original.
The title of the movie is a spoiler , and so is the entire raison d'être - it's a revenge thriller, everyone knows what's going to happen.
Put some space between the spoiler warning and the actual spoiler .
If this happened in the trailer, we'd call it a spoiler .
So he removed the boot spoiler which was on the 7 - Series.
he is perceived as a genuine factor in the presidential election, a certified political spoiler
the paper ran a spoiler
He won 301 votes in the Electoral College, to 191 for Humphrey and 46 for George Wallace, yet another Southern spoiler .
If this doesn't sound like a very inviting synopsis, you can consult the back of the DVD cover for a more thrilling one: It contains a massive spoiler , but it makes the story sound a lot more exciting and gritty.
And no, I don't think that was a spoiler because without the context, the line makes no sense.
Thankfully, the car is aerodynamically stable without the addition of an outrageous spoiler which has featured on some fast Fords in the past.