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spoilage / порча, брак, испорченный товар
имя существительное
damage, deterioration, corruption, spoilage, defacement, waste
marriage, wedlock, matrimony, match, defect, spoilage
испорченный товар
имя существительное
the action of spoiling, especially the deterioration of food and perishable goods.
The job is generally done on the last or second-to-last day of setup to avoid smelly food spoilage .
waste produced by material being spoiled, especially paper that is spoiled in printing.
Although pigs will readily consume wet food waste, the high moisture content contributes to spoilage and feeding management problems.
It also helps retard oil spoilage and reduce off-flavor in stored peanut products.
In order to prevent spoilage wild rice must be dried promptly.
If so, extra spoilage will occur where these bales touch because rain, snow, and ice will gather in these spots instead of running off.
Products are then sampled for quality control; batch samples are retained to check in case of customer complaints of milk spoilage .
‘Consumers have told us that they wanted a package they could be sure was closed because that's where cheese spoilage comes in, when the package isn't closed right,’ says Gannon.
The treatment not only enhances the safety of the fruit, but also extends its shelf life by reducing native microflora that may cause spoilage .
This ultra-thin layer of foil eliminates the need for refrigeration and prevents spoilage without using preservatives.
Though chocolate milk sales continue to grow, this beverage choice is challenged by a greater incidence of spoilage and a shorter shelf life than unflavored milk.
In fact, good silage can lose 15% to 20% of its feed value from fermentation and spoilage under normal conditions.