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spoil / портить, портиться, баловать
spoil, deteriorate, corrupt, ruin, mar, damage
spoil, deteriorate, corrupt, rot, decay, give way
indulge, pamper, spoil, pet, coddle, cosset
имя существительное
production, prey, mining, extraction, spoil, output
trophy, prize, haul, spoil
вынутый грунт
имя существительное
goods stolen or taken forcibly from a person or place.
the looters carried their spoils away
waste material brought up during the course of an excavation or a dredging or mining operation.
It also looks at how existing spoil heaps are being leveled and landscaped.
diminish or destroy the value or quality of.
I wouldn't want to spoil your fun
harm the character of (a child) by being too lenient or indulgent.
the last thing I want to do is spoil Thomas
be extremely or aggressively eager for.
Cooper was spoiling for a fight
rob (a person or a place) of goods or possessions by force or violence.
It's hardly a story you can spoil , I don't think, anyway.
She offers to let him ride again - it is the first time she gets to spoil a man.
Severe compaction sometimes occurs when the spoil or topsoil material is moved when too wet during the reclamation process.
Steeped in stress because a spoil heap left from strip-mining threatens to crash down on his home, he spends most of his time sitting on a bicycle seat atop a 40-foot flag pole.
Part of the enjoyment in watching this movie is that the viewer doesn't know where the story is going, so I won't spoil the fun by giving away plot points.
I don't want to get into too many details here, lest I spoil the experience for you.
‘There are misperceptions - they ask why doesn't the milk spoil if it's not refrigerated,’ says Capelli.
She tells Sancho that he can take his donkey with him when he becomes governor and spoil him.
Unfortunately to tell more would be to give things away I do not wish to spoil for you.
Did you know that honey is the only food that won't spoil ?