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splurge / пускать пыль в глаза, выставлять напоказ, хвастать
пускать пыль в глаза
splurge, show off
выставлять напоказ
flaunt, parade, display, air, splurge, sport
brag, boast, splurge, swagger, swank, bounce
brag, boast, display, splurge, vaunt, blow
имя существительное
splurge, braggadocio, gas, ego trip, rodomontade, fanfaronade
выставление напоказ
display, ostentation, splurge, parade
boasting, bragging, boast, ostentation, bluster, splurge
имя существительное
an act of spending money freely or extravagantly.
the annual pre-Christmas splurge
spend (money) freely or extravagantly.
I'd splurged about $2,500 on clothes
the annual pre-Christmas splurge
there has recently been a splurge of teach-yourself books
That was a first-night splurge with friends, but most of the food we'll eat will be simple and as authentic as possible and that usually means inexpensive.
there has recently been a splurge of teach-yourself books
the annual pre-Christmas splurge
Now, they're ready to relax and splurge on luxury cars, jewelry, cruises and the trips they've always wanted.
You also get the impression that these new shoes are something of a splurge for Gilbert, who puts them on right away (the shoes become a more important motif later in the film).
Rice was €2 per portion and so we splurged on some coconut rice for €2.55, but there was no discernible coconut flavour for the extra 55 cents.
His recent cuttings files have, lest we forget, taken in two splurges of coverage that only heightened the sense of smouldering hostility.
He recently splurged on a sporty Mercedes convertible.