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splosh / пролитая вода, деньги
имя существительное
пролитая вода
money, cash, currency, dollars, coin, splosh
make a soft splashing sound as one moves.
he sploshed across the road
имя существительное
a soft splashing sound.
a quiet splosh
a quiet splosh
Okay, so I survive on instant with a splosh of semi-skimmed and a chemical sweetener, but I'm sure I would appreciate the finer qualities of real coffee if only someone would come round to my house every hour on the hour and make me a cup.
Another tear dropped into the water with a splosh .
And if I ever fall off a cliff it will be a cry of ‘aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee’ before the inevitable splosh or splat.
And then you surface with a splosh and for a few brief seconds, everything's still blurry as you blink the water from your eyes.
a quiet splosh
Soon we'll be mooring up in a secluded creek where we'll drink champagne to the soothing sounds of water clucking against boat and the occasional splosh of a jumping fish.
intentions need a bit of splosh to back them up
A tear slowly fell from my face and landed splosh onto the picture.
One minute you are on a pleasant nature ramble, and the next - splosh !