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splodge / грязное пятно, большое неровное пятно
имя существительное
грязное пятно
smudge, splodge, splotch, smut, smutch
большое неровное пятно
splodge, splotch
‘Really strong ham sandwiches,’ says Georgia, picking at a paint splodge on her jeans.
However, it looks more like a splodge than a fingerprint and you can't make out any of the traditional markings that show it's actually a finger.
But would anyone turn up their nose at a wedge of fresh home-baked Victoria sponge, sandwiched with a generous splodge of farmhouse strawberry jam and dairy cream?
Now 85, withered through a strict diabetic diet, troubled by intermittent back spasms, Caddy is a frail figure, her eyes splodged with bright blue eye-shadow, ‘an old one’ in her own words.
When I showered tonight I blew my nose and tiny splodges of green splattered everywhere.
If I am really unlucky then I end up with a great big splodgy cold-sore!
It's not even 9: 00 and my shirt has brown, splodgy stains on it.
If your family enthusiastically throws splodges of oatmeal across the breakfast table and then lolls about all day with their hair uncombed and their boots on the sofa, you can stop reading right here.
With the ball - or the scuffed, splodgy , battered blob that passes for one after an hour of mayhem - he is the death bowler supreme.
But the red splodges of painted waymarks led unerringly down the rock slides by slip and scramble, by iron ladders and - at one point - a knotted rope.