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splitter / раскольник, сильная головная боль, мелочный человек
имя существительное
dissenter, schismatic, secessionist, splitter, dissident, nonconformist
сильная головная боль
severe headache, racking headache, splitter
мелочный человек
splitter, meanie
имя существительное
a person or thing occupied in or designed for splitting something.
a log splitter
a log splitter
You know, they crawl into their little cubbies in the tree, and sit at their little squirrel computers (they use a splitter to intercept my cable connection), and blog.
You also need a set of speakers, a Firewire cable, an FM doohickey for playing the iPod on your car stereo, and a splitter so your wife can also listen.
No, no, Abe, you were a rail splitter , then an attorney.
To avail of this facility, a cable customer must buy a cable modem and a channel splitter .
And when we got cable Internet, I started ‘borrowing’ basic cable with a splitter , but only to the teevee in the computer room.
He had two or three chain saws and even a log splitter hooked up to the back of his tractor.
He regrets the demise of many old crafts, including the skill of the hoop splitter , who split hazel and sally rods to make hoops for barrels.
It could be a problem with the splitter at the wall jack.
This morning the District Court heard how a wood splitter and gloves were found in a rubbish skip in a street near the murder scene.