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splint / шина, лубок, щепа
имя существительное
tire, bus, splint, trunk, tyre
splint, slip, shave, kindling-wood
накладывать шину
immobilize, splint
имя существительное
a strip of rigid material used for supporting and immobilizing a broken bone when it has been set.
she had to wear splints on her legs
a long, thin strip of wood used to light a fire.
By the light of burning splints , the raiders had marched all the men into the fields and tied them up.
a bony enlargement on the inside of a horse's leg, on the splint bone.
He's got a nasty old splint on the inside of his knee and it often flares up,’ said the Jackdaws Castle trainer.
secure (a broken limb) with a splint or splints.
his leg was splinted
To prevent relapses, when the last plaster cast is removed a splint must be worn full-time for two to three months and thereafter at night for 2 to 4 years.
The filly Morning Pride by-passes the 1000 while City On A Hill sits out the 2000 after sustaining a splint injury which will keep him off the track until the middle of June.
Bellamy Road came out of his seventh-place finish in the Kentucky Derby with a splint injury and has not raced since.
In sports such as basketball, football, and hockey, the athlete may proceed with play and practice with extension taping as long as the splint is worn at all other times.
He wears a splint to support his right ankle and enable him to walk, and his right arm is a dead weight.
The splint supported the posterolateral part of the lower leg but also had a slight anterior curve.
After allowing the splint injury to heel, Bellamy Road returned to the published work tab on July 16 over the training track at Saratoga Race Course.
Neither of the children ever experienced any pain or discomfort with either the casting or wearing the splint .
If a single digit is infected, a finger splint supporting the interphalangeal joints in extension is usually adequate.
In ventral view, the sphenorbital fissure, which is long and oval, is exposed posteriorly and is separated from the relatively small optic foramen by a narrow bony splint .