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spline / сплайн, шлиц, рейка
имя существительное
slot, spline
rail, spline, lath, rod, batten, ledge
имя существительное
a rectangular key fitting into grooves in the hub and shaft of a wheel, especially one formed integrally with the shaft that allows movement of the wheel on the shaft.
UAW Local 2101 represents 17 workers at Wedin, where they manufacture ball screws, nuts, gears, shafts, splines and motion-control systems.
a slat.
If you are using Fiberglas screening, simultaneously roll the screen and spline into the channel in this step.
a continuous curve constructed so as to pass through a given set of points and have a certain number of continuous derivatives.
The data was therefore fit nonparametrically to a smooth curve using the Dierckx algorithm for cubic spline curve fitting.
secure (a part) by means of a spline.
The inner rotor portion of the pump is splined to one output on the axle and the outer drum portion of the pump is splined to the other.
With those two sides nearly done, cut the next two corners and roll in the screen and the spline .
Two generally accepted numerical approaches for obtaining this derivative are the spline fitting method and the incremental polynomial method.
The great power of ISIS-Drive's open standard is also its weakness - the tapered spline requires great care to produce and the ISIS standard leaves manufacturing open to interpretation in some respects.
To do this, use a small standard screwdriver or putty knife to lift one end of the spline from its track.
If you are using Fiberglas screening, simultaneously roll the screen and spline into the channel in this step.
Using the concave roller to carefully roll the spline into the groove over the screen.
The cotter pin missed the male spline on the flap motor.
Cut a 7 ‘piece of spline and glue it into the grooved short end of the opening.’
A biscuit - a small wooden spline that looks like a flattened football - is glued and inserted into the slots as the boards are pressed together.
A chromoly rod pinch bolt on the non-driveside arm grips the 46 splines of the tubular axle.