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splice / сращивать, сплеснивать, сплетать
splice, knit, scarf
splice, marry
weave, entwine, intertwine, splice, interlace, twist
имя существительное
splice, coalescence, binding, concretion
joint, junction, butt, splice, juncture, butt joint
имя существительное
a union of two ropes, pieces of timber, or similar materials spliced together at the ends.
The mooring and towing of oil rigs and huge ships rely on the strength and durability of thick ropes and the splices that join those ropes.
join or connect (a rope or ropes) by interweaving the strands.
we learned how to weave and splice ropes
So I learned how to splice film and I got rather good at it.
All that remains is to fasten the bow to a tuft of hair, using the ends of the center splice to tie the knot.
so smooth is the splice that you can't see the join
They'd erect the posts, splice them together with the ropes and everything.
we learned how to weave and splice ropes
There are a variety of connectors available that allow you to splice the ropes end to end, in a T-shape, or in a Y-shape.
Coils of lights are available in lengths of up to about 150 feet, along with all of the splice and power cord fittings, to allow you to make up just about whatever length and shape you're looking for.
The fabrication was done so well that at first glance the splice isn't noticeable; closer inspection, however, reveals two sets of dorsal fins.
But just a few years ago, he would have had to splice reel-to-reel audio tapes to make his test materials - several times, in order to get randomized presentation orders.
Strip the wires as needed, then splice them to the fixture wires with twist-on wire connectors.