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splendour / великолепие, блеск, пышность
имя существительное
splendor, magnificence, grandeur, glory, brilliance, pomp
shine, splendor, gloss, brilliance, glitter, luster
pomp, splendor, grandeur, flamboyance, glitter, flamboyancy
имя существительное
magnificent and splendid appearance; grandeur.
the splendor of the Florida Keys
The parade showcased the nation's cultural legacy with pomp, colour and splendour .
He lives with his wife, Mary Todd, and their children in considerable splendour in a magnificent period house in Armagh.
Trekking is one means of discovering the country along the route, the lie of the land and enjoying nature in all its beauty and splendour .
Arabian art, according to Streisand, has always been one of great wonder, splendour , and beauty.
A modern bank building has enveloped the Palace Hotel, ornate in nineteenth-century splendour .
the barren splendour of the Lake District
Furniture produced during the Qing Dynasty pursued splendour and a gorgeous appearance.
You look around here and you can't help but realize the magnificent splendour of nature.
The Queen's building itself has a magnificence and a splendour that befits its reputation.
Just as the trek started to take its physical toll, we reached the crest of the hill and the Blue Nile Falls appeared in theatrical splendour .