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spleen / селезенка, сплин, хандра
имя существительное
spleen, milt
blues, spleen, mope, mopes, distemper, dumps
имя существительное
an abdominal organ involved in the production and removal of blood cells in most vertebrates and forming part of the immune system.
Glass particles were found in the pulmonary capillaries, livers, kidneys, spleens , and intestinal walls of animals studied.
bad temper; spite.
he could vent his spleen on the institutions that had duped him
In private, feel free to vent your spleen , cry, denounce the other party as a loathsome cad.
One particularly irritated chap emailed us, presumably to vent his spleen .
Furious residents gathered at a parish council meeting to vent their spleen at a proposed skate park on their doorsteps.
As for the money, the people of Tasmania are entitled to be outraged and need to vent their spleen at the ballot box.
On eviction you will also be required to visit the diary room to vent your spleen and dish the dirt as you see fit.
he could vent his spleen on the institutions that had duped him
Every now and again - usually these days in grand slam finals - they get the chance to vent their spleen and lay into each other in public.
he could vent his spleen on the institutions which had duped him
No sisterhood here: both Anna and Claire vent their spleen upon her with hilariously withering spite.
The world has changed for the worse in the last year and bigots feel more empowered to vent their spleen .