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splatter / брызги, дождик
имя существительное
spray, splash, splatter, spatter, spill, sputter
splash, splatter, dabble, plash, swash, paddle
splatter, murmur, purl, babble, gurgle, bubble
splash, sprinkle, dabble, spritz, splatter, spatter
имя существительное
a spot or trail of a sticky or viscous liquid splashed over a surface or object.
each puddle we crossed threw a splatter of mud on the windshield
denoting or referring to films featuring many violent and gruesome deaths.
a splatter movie
splash with a sticky or viscous liquid.
a passing cart rolled by, splattering him with mud
A splatter film's charge is to keep upping the atrocity ante as it zooms into the murderer's soul.
‘Hey’, she said as she slapped his hand that was holding the straw, making it come out and splatter her with Caramel thick shake.
Mariposa dodged a splatter of blood and buzzed off into the night.
The other thing is that Jackson appears to want to make another one of his good old splatter movies on the weekends.
He has entered the realm of one-off shows after a period of gradually whittling down the length of his runs to a splatter of nights here and there.
Cathal just grinned and flopped his head back down to the floor with a splatter of drool.
each puddle we crossed threw a splatter of mud on the windshield
But where the play differs from splatter movies is that McDonagh has a clear moral viewpoint.
A splatter of blood and a falling body came from the noise.
With his ebony talons came a splatter of that liquid heat and a chunk of flesh.