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splat / восклицательный знак
имя существительное
a piece of thin wood in the center of a chair back.
The set is represented by four side chairs and the splat of a fifth.
a sound of something soft and wet or heavy striking a surface.
the goblin makes a huge splat as he hits the ground
crush or squash (something) with a splat.
he was splatting a bug
with a splat.
he lands splat on his right elbow
Smooth, uncarved expanses - across the front seat rail, the ankles, and strapwork in the splat - punctuate the passages of carving and allow them to be seen as distinct themes.
However, cutting away all the wood from the front edge of the splat to this line would have produced too sharp a chamfer.
My nephew so hated to be kissed that, when they went to his gran's, he would even calculate which side of the car to sit in, so that he could shoot out into the garden while his brothers suffered the hated splat .
But it's worth a go just to splat Tony Blur, William Vague and Charles Comedy.
he lands splat on his right elbow
The lotus blossom and leafage carving on the splat and stay-rail are of a distinctively high quality.
Throw it anywhere on the green, and the ball just goes splat and stops.
It cracked a fist-sized hole in the egg-shaped tower and continued on to splat wetly, electrically, onto Ayane's back.
It ran off his coat, hitting the floor with a thick splat .
One one topical site, MPs’ heads bob up and down in a virtual House of Commons and you are invited to splat them with an egg before they disappear.