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splashdown / приводнение
имя существительное
имя существительное
the alighting of a returning spacecraft on the sea, with the assistance of parachutes.
If so, ESA's Huygens spaceprobe could well be heading for a splashdown when it parachutes to the moon's surface in January 2005.
The Japanese government for its part told Okinawan islanders to stay indoors to avoid the remote chance of being hit by debris from Mir, which is to overfly the islands an hour before its splashdown .
Sadly, only two of the six passengers survived the splashdown .
Huygens has been built to survive an impact both on hard ice or a splashdown in a sea of lighter fuel.
Would the probe make a touchdown or a splashdown ?
First of all, can you tell us a little bit about the process and the sequence of events leading to the actual splashdown ?
The splashdown of Gemini 12 on November 15, 1966, marked the operational end of the Gemini program.
The only genuine parts of the whole televised event was the blast-off and splashdown .
It records 2 frames a second from launch pad to splashdown , and it completely replaces existing technology.
It shoots pictures for 24 hours, from insertion to splashdown , and costs about $450.
After much planning, the Russian space agency decided to send Mir through Earth's atmosphere, breaking it apart into small pieces before its final splashdown in the South Pacific.